English for Kids


Every child wants to play, interact and succeed in their English speaking environment.

Every parent wants to be assured their child makes friends, asks for help and can be independent when they are not around.

Every teacher wants their pupil to reach his or her potential in English as a second language.

For that reason, English Breeze provides alternative children’s language courses that allow your child to learn and use English at a point they feel confident and comfortable to do so.

These courses are ideal for children who are struggling at school, who need to communicate with English speaking family members or who are about to start an international life.

We offer private tuition, classroom assistance and group courses.

What’s more we specialise in special needs inc. English for Dyslexia, English lessons for ADD and English for Aspergers.

Our patient, qualified and experienced teachers are excited to get started!

Age groups are:

6-7 years   8-11 years   12-14 years   15-17 years

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Kids English