About us


Success at English Breeze means you need to be a positive and supportive participant on your English course. This is towards  yourself as much as to other participants and your language trainer. Fresh and productive learning is the key  to making real progress  with your English


Our mission is to help individuals increase their English language skills, confidence  and professionalism through a structured, positive, and conversational programme that enables them to develop long-term language technique and meaningful relationships with those in their English speaking environment.


Followed by course participants:

  • I will follow this course because I want to.
  • I will be actively present at my lessons.
  • I will be open to the professional and structured feedback I receive from my trainer.
  • I will take responsibility for following up on the homework I am given.
  • I will leave private life, work stress and telephone calls out of the classroom.
  • I will display a positive and supportive attitude with myself, course participants and my trainer.