When is it rude and when is it direct?

New at English Breeze!

Mind the Blind Spots Workshops

Intensive workshops that  focus on the dangerous blind spots when switching from your language into professional English.

Each workshop comes with on the spot correction and feedback and is tailored to push you to become the international professional you want to be.

€145 per person per workshop.

OFFER – Book all three workshops and receive  €50 discount

prices ex. VAT 21%

For Dutch speakers 
Saturday 10:00-13:30
18/03, 15/04 and 13/05

For French speakers 
Saturday 10:00-13:30
11/03, 08/04 and 13/05

For Arabic speakers
Saturday 10:00-13:30
01/04, 29/04 and 27/05

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At English Breeze we are passionate about

Translation habits

Grammar refresh

What are ‘they’ expecting?

Cultural do’s and don’ts

Professional Email writing

Meetings under pressure

Telephone Etiquette

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